Step 10 - Celebrate

Think for a second about what we are really accomplishing. We've taken a house that very few others saw any use for, put effort into it that even fewer were willing to contribute, and produced a safe, habitable, and comfortable home for an individual or family. That's worthy of recognition. Making a profit isn't such a bad thing either. This is what the American dream is about; sharing that feeling of freedom and success through your own efforts to inspire others towards the same. It is that very feeling that propelled us to create TriStone Group. We can't wait to help you get started!

There are many more ways to get involved in rental real estate than just buying, fixing, and renting. TriStone Group wants to help you invest in a way that makes you both comfortable, secure, and still rewarded for your efforts. Typical 401K and IRA investments offer almost no control to the actual investor. Investing in real estate is different. Investing in single family, even more so. The level of control afforded the actual investor, coupled with the potential returns is unheard of. Maybe you hear of higher rewards available in other investment assets classes, but they are usually fads and overblown. Real estate has always been there. There are investments offering greater liquidity and control, but with significantly lower returns.

monopoly 350TriStone Group aims to prove to the novice, average, and seasoned investor that single family homes offer a Goldilocks level of risk and return. We offer a great way to participate in the investments homes we come across. Check this out!