Investing in single family houses

 "One may know how to conquer, without being able to do it." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Investing in real estate is certainly not a new concept, nor is it automatically for everyone. Investing in single family homes has a totally different flavor than investing in residential office parks, apartment buildings, land, or other alternatives. Houses start out as a product intended for individuals, not investors.

Times and circumstances have changed...significantly.

Two primary shifts have occurred in a relatively short period of time. First, we all know now that houses do not automatically and forever go up in value. Second, owning a home is no longer a lifelong goal of every individual. This conceptual shift has created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for savvy investors. TriStone Group was created to help that investor take advantage of this window of opportunity already recognized by successful investors worldwide (including this somewhat well known guy).


Step 1 - Planning

Investing without a plan is like high-stakes gambling. When it comes to investing in single family homes, you need all of the market knowledge and experience on your side as possible.

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Step 2 - Fortification

Once you've answered most if not all of the planning questions, it's time to start getting your mind around this investment class. The 9 to 5 employee has to worry about things like daily job performance, sales quotas, and office politics. This is different, and it's another reason you need us.

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Step 3 - Arm yourself

Unlike most conventional battles, this one is fought with the strength of your closing power. You need be armed and ready to take your shot when that bird flies out of the brush.

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Step 4 - Alliances

You've done your homework and prepared for a purchase. Now you need to have your support team in place. You don't want to receive a signed contract from a seller and ask yourself, now what?

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Step 5 - The Hunt

Finding a house is easy. Finding the right house is not. You will need to consider a steady stream of new questions to help flush out the right candidates for your investment dollars.

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ideal house

Step 6 - Zero In

Once you find the right target, it would be foolish to believe you are the only one that noticed. Trust that other buyers and investors are looking at the same target. Don't let emotion or perceived urgency lure you into a bad deal.

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Step 7 - Aim

When aiming at your target you need a steady hand and laser focus, often amidst great distraction. Emotion is definitely one of those distractions and is not a force to be taken lightly. Having a coach can help you stay focused and aimed properely.

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house to work

Step 8 - Attack

It's time to turn this house into a home. How you decide to market your house will help determine what type of tenant/client you attract. Do not gloss over this step. Time for another mind shift.

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Step 9 - Stay Sharp

As great as it feels the day you finally get a signed lease with a full security deposit and all rent due, that feeling of comfort can quickly evaporate if you are not prudent about staying on top of changing events, HOA issues, tenant changes, and more.

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Step 10 - Celebrate

After having executed a well thought out plan, you have your first investment property. There is no substitute for that the feeling of personal achievement. It's important to take time to recognize these moments.

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