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We do more for you than you might expect from a real estate investment broker.

Would you choose a surgeon who never did a follow-up exam with you to be sure the surgery was successful? Of course not! So, why would you choose a real estate investment broker who disappears after they received their commission check? At TriStone Group in Huntersville, North Carolina, we love helping people achieve their financial goals when they purchase an income-producing property, and the only way that we can know that has happened is to be a partner in the investment-management process. We continue to be with you as you step away from the closing table so that you can confidently handle the property investment planning stage and achieve the success you deserve.

Real Estate Investment Broker in Huntersville, North Carolina

We are investment property specialists, so even before closing we do more for you than you might expect from a real estate investment broker. We perform a detailed real estate investment analysis on the property you are considering to ensure that the financials are accurate, the details are what they seem to be, and that there aren’t any major issues that could derail your investment return rate. If something is amiss, we help you move on to the next potential property or create a plan to correct a property flaw that still fits your financial goals. Buying an income property takes far more due diligence than many realize, and without a supportive and knowledgeable team who has been where you are, any number of things can go wrong. While no investment is a sure thing, there’s no reason a lot of problems that most novice investors experience can’t be avoided. You don’t get extra credit for stepping in the same potholes as those before you. The right guidance and management can help you avoid thousands of dollars in losses before you’ve even collected your first rent check.

Don’t settle for anything less than a real estate investment broker who will be your true partner as you are getting started in real estate investing, reach out to us today.


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