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Your guide for achieving your real estate investing goals.

TriStone Group, based in Huntersville, North Carolina, was founded on the philosophy of helping people invest in real estate. That help-centric approach has led us to grow to where we can now offer the full range of services needed to be that complete trusted source of real estate expertise. This multi-pronged set of services is available to all of our clients as needed and applicable.

TriStone GroupTriStone Group has partnered with EXP to provide top-notch technology and superior customer service to make your transactions as care-free as possible. The buying and selling process can be daunting without experience on your side to help keep you focused on the important parts of your transaction while taking the worry and anxiety away from the distractions. From real estate search to analysis, providing quality industry partners, and essential follow-up, we’ve got you covered.

Tristone ManagementAn essential part of this broad range of services is Tristone Management. Our property management is at the core of how we got started and continues to provide signature service as needed across our management portfolio. Property Management is not easy, as any seasoned real estate investor will tell you. Our team of specialists coupled with our software, processes, and experience are geared towards two major goals for our management partners.

First – Free you up to live your life! When you purchase a stock, you don’t have to go to the company and tell them how to run their business. But it’s wise to check up on the company performance periodically. Similarly, we don’t expect you to have to spend a lot of time working on your rental property or stressing about your tenants, maintenance, or other common rental issues. We have all of that handled. We keep you informed, as needed, to make decisions that will impact the success of your investment, and we give you access to everything else that occurs on a daily basis to review at your leisure 24/7/365.

Secondly – We are not successful unless you are first. Our fees are based on what we are able to generate in revenue on your behalf. Furthermore, we are investors, too! Our staff has rental properties of their own. When we are making decisions for your property, we ask the question, “What would I want if this were my property?” You can trust that every decision we are making is as if your investment were our own.

TriStone BuildingThe third leg of our suite of services is TriStone Building. We have our very own licensed, bonded, and insured residential general contractor. When you are preparing a home to sell, purchasing a home for your family, or gearing up for an addition to your investment portfolio, you will likely need help getting the property into the condition and style you expect for your purposes. Why not use our local experts and in-house contracting service to make the improvements needed for your future success and enjoyment!

TriStone InvestmentsBut we don’t stop there! TriStone Investments was conceived to help create and execute the more complex types of deals afforded those interested in really diversifying their real estate investment activities. Real Estate Investment Trust’s, 1031 Exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, Seller-Financing, Condoization, Joint Venturing, Back-End Wrap Notes… the list goes on of all of the more creative and useful tools in the real estate investing world. This is for our most interested and seasoned investors. We do the hunting. We come up with the deal structure. We present the opportunity to you and other clients in our investment sphere. We give you a first look at exclusively available real estate investments that may fit your strategy and long term goals.