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There are many different philosophies when it comes to buying & selling real estate for the purpose of earning a return. Some investors deal primarily in flipping where they buy at a low price, put some funds into fixing it up, and then sell it at a profit. In this scenario, buying & selling happens in as short a period as possible and the gamble is being able to get an asking price that makes the deal hit your profit projection and not having any unexpected repairs crop up.

Buying & Selling

Another method is to buy properties with great income potential and hold them to create an income stream throughout the ownership. The end game might be to sell one day or keep receiving residual income into retirement. Yet another plan for buying & selling is to purchase income-producing property where the rental income covers at least all costs and hold the property until appreciation creates a return on investment before selling. These are just a few of the ways you can use buying & selling for optimal returns, but the key is always to take care with your property investment planning. One property could make great sense for one plan but be totally wrong for another.

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